Les discussions chez les marxistes antistaliniens entre les années 30 et les années 50 sont, de ce point de vue, d'une richesse trop sous-estimée et la tentative. That speaks to a lot more than just ignorantly not knowing right or wrong. Dave Chappelle used the f word in his Netflix special from a year or so ago, did he not? Wednesday at 7:05 PM #131 ZeoVGM said: You are defending the man who made the comments by calling this a hit on him because he got the Oscar gig. Edit (actually I have no clue when this was taped, If this was recent shouldn't the audience laughter speak more on the fact that we as society got a lot of growing up to do if people still find. Wednesday at 7:04 PM #130 When past tweets come back to haunt you. Ill always think back to Nate Parker saying similar things about being black and gay. Wednesday at 7:02 PM #127 Eddie made actual jokes, which from what I recall were relatively benign outside of using the word faggot. Cette épreuve comporte deux ou trois textes. Arendt de conduire un parallèle systématique entre stalinisme et nazisme souffre de graves défauts de logique, défauts qui sont d'autant plus visibles qu'elle refuse les amalgames faciles devenus si courants dans la littérature d'aujourd'hui, style "Livre Noir Du Communisme". Kevin Hart in 2010 wasnt on whos level? TheGhost said: Yeah I'm pretty sure a lot of people learned how to not fuck up their money.

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, was from 2013. Les quatre autres propositions sont considérées comme fausses. This: says that in 2013 50 were in favor and 43 were opposed. Kevin Hart been a big star for a long time now, why is this now a problem when it wasn't before? Someone actively trying to manage their career and maximize their earnings is somehow an issue now? Since when has the alt right ever given a shit about a comedian making gay jokes? Yes, eight years is a long time. Guests should now be able to save their dark or light theme preferences, found on the left sidebar. The reaction of the crowd still shows the people's stance on views back then. Wednesday at 6:53 PM #113 The idea that 2010 was some benighted dark age is ahistorical nonsense. Wednesday at 6:54 PM #115 MylesDevin said: This reminds me of the Bernie Mac standup skit where Bernie called his gay nephew the f word. Many of them went well into the 2000s with that garbage. ..

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Like the belle gueule belle bite salope d evreux "imagine. Wednesday at 7:00 PM #124 I edited because after 30 seconds, I could recall Bill Burr, Louis CK and others using the same word as late or later. T was gay" bit is not particularly mean spirited. Durée : 20 minutes 15 questions Consignes. Its more like "in light of Kevin Hart hosting the oscars, here's some homophobic tweets he made a decade ago". Welcome to ResetEra.0! Connexion, menu Principal, communauté, top Membres 2018, membre. Shithead edgelord white comics most definitely are but their appeal is limited. Wednesday at 6:50 PM #105, funny thing is that James Gunn's tweets were edgy, sadly, Kevin Hart's tweets weren't edgy at all in 2010. Being homophobic isnt frowned upon today Wednesday at 7:08 PM #140 Going to agree with you brother, cant believe some posts defending pecially here. This belief that people should be eternally condemned for past transgressions is why there are varying degrees of sentencing in the justice system and people aren't just thrown behind bars for life lol.

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Deleting this stuff requires Celebs to reemember, care, and believe they could get in trouble for. Ive grown and dont do that anymore and almost everyone would stop caring. There's nothing like the stuff in the OP where he is just making statements like "I'll make sure my son is not gay" without any punchline. If they've changed, they can acknowledge the shitty things they've said. Parmi les cinq propositions pr?sent?es dans le cadre de chaque question, certaines sont en contradiction flagrante avec le texte ; d'autres abordent des aspects qui n'y sont pas trait?s ; d'autres encore se rapprochent plus ou moins de ce qui. If Kevin Hart has shown any indication of progress towards not being a homophobic piece of shit over the past few years before this has broken out then I do believe he, as all people famous or not should be given a chance at redemption. Ok well the farther back you go the worse itll be, that seems fairly obvious. But these aren't simply jokes.

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I dont think thats the important issue at all. If we want to be real there is a serious issue with homophobia in the black community and that is the main reason Hart and Chapelle got away with jokes like these. Wednesday at 6:50 PM #104, how does something surface when it was in a publicly released stand up? Let people make mistakes and grow and move. Wednesday at 6:52 PM #109, sibersk Esto said: I dont know how a full on bit from a famous comedians stand up special counts as surfaces. I dont care what Kevin said 8 years ago. Social bed wetting at its finest. These werent made in some dingy chuckle hut off the LA expressway. Wednesday at 7:08 PM #141 James Gunn makes old pedophilic jokes Petition for rehire.

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